Here’s How To Get Those Perfect Celebrity Lashes (Without A Celebrity Budget!)


Aside from being rich, famous, and beautiful, how come celebrities always seem to have effortlessly long, luscious eyelashes?

They’re certainly not all born that way. Most celebrities have an experienced makeup artist on hand to apply those pesky little false lashes before publicity events or red carpets. Or they pay to have expensive lash extensions which can set you back several hundreds of dollars on the first visit and then need to be refilled every 2-3 weeks. Which is just fine if you’re raking in 5 mill a film but not so great if you’re on a very average budget.

Plus, those lash extensions not only create considerable wear and tear on your natural eyelashes but the glue contains all sorts of chemicals – some even contain the potentially carcinogenic formaldehyde –  and I personally don’t want those toxins close to my peepers!

So what’s a normal human being to do?  Never fear, I’ve found the answer to achieving maximum celebrity impact and it will change your entire beauty routine.

Magnetic lashes have landed and they’re making beauty effortless!

The magnetic lash revolution has arrived!

So, what on earth is a magnetic eyelash and how does it stay put?

One Two Lash are the world’s very first magnetic false eyelashes and they were created by Katy Stoka, who dreamed them up in the shower one day. Katy’s one chic woman who believes in effortless beauty and she was sick and tired of battling with messy glue and a pair of seemingly possessed lashes. Then she was hit with the revolutionary idea: magnets that could kept your lashes in place. No glue or dexterous beauty skills necessary. Within seconds, anyone could have thick, stunning, celebrity-quality lashes.

In order to make this idea a reality, Katy even had to invent her own patented micro-magnetic technology. But in doing so, she just brought your life one step closer to red carpet perfection. Because these lashes will have you slaying it! Thanks, Katy!

Your One Two Lash advantage

One Two Lash are as simple as they sound (or this “all thumbs” writer wouldn’t be sitting here singing their praises!). Here’s how they work:

One Two Lash are made up of not one, but two lash strips per lash. So, rather than sitting on top of your natural lashes, you’ll have two for each lash – one strip goes over and one strip goes under your own lash.

* First, you’ll hold the top One Two Lash (the one without the red dot) over your natural lashes. Line up the outside edge with the edge of your own lash line.

* Then, leaving the top lash where it is, pick up the bottom lash (with the red dot) and place it under your natural lashes, in line with the top One Two Lash. When the magnet is aligned they will click together, neatly sandwiching your natural lash between them, making beauty effortless!

And suddenly, you’re oozing celebrity status.

When it comes time to remove them, take your index finger and thumb and gently slide the two magnets away from each other. Take your time as you’ll want to protect the shape of the One Two Lash. Why? Because they’re reusable!

Celebrity looks without the celebrity price tag

One Two Lash are a take-anywhere beauty secret that can add a beauty boost to even a hike or a day by the pool. You’ll be able to get around makeup free and still look drop-dead gorgeous.

When it comes to making beauty effortless does it get any easier than a false eyelash that goes on and off in minutes and is completely reusable?

Yep, these lashes are ready-to-wear again and again. As long as you take good care of them, and gently clean any makeup from them, you’ve got an endless supply of lashes.

But are they affordable?

You better believe it!  One Two Lash ensures that you can get the celebrity look for well under $100, and the more times you wear your lashes, the cheaper each use becomes! Why would you pay hundreds of dollars for salon visits, or waste hundreds of hours on the application of regular falsies when you can literally be out the door, turning heads in mere minutes?

If you need any further proof that One Two Cosmetics are making celebrity beauty effortless, even top beauty editors can’t turn away. Allure crowned One Two Lash with a 2016 Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Product award and Cosmopolitan declared that “… money can actually buy time and happiness” when it comes to One Two Lash.

So, you’ve just got one decision left – Will it be Natural, Bold or Accent today?


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