How much does TCA Peel cost?


How much does TCA Peel cost?

Damaged skin whether it is out of adverse sun, brown spots or a wrinkled face badly affects your appearance and hurts your self-esteem. You will feel out of place as you go out with friends and you will be the only one who never enjoys the party. What if you knew there was a cure for your problem? One that will once again refine your skin and give you the young glitter just like you were a youth again. TCA peel is a non-chemical procedure that has for the past 2 decades earned an indispensable place in skin treatment. Want to try it? Here is crucial information to help you make an informed decision;


TCA peel cost

How much does TCA peel cost? This is a question you will like an answer to before you go on with the plans to have it done. Be prepared to spent as little as $150 for light peel and a maximum of $900 for the deep type. For the medium peel you will pay as much as $600. So the costs of your TCA peel will be in a bigger way determined by he extend of the process ranging from light to deep. Another thing that may affect the cost upwards would be where you live or have it done. In some areas, the fee is hiked due to higher living standards. Another thing to remember is that this fee is only inclusive of the doctor’s charges only. You will also be expected to foot bills on occupation of the operating room, anesthesia and hospital stay if necessary. Be advised that chemical peels will be way more expensive (as high as $6,000) than what you have to pay for this one.

What body parts can be treated by TCA peel?

TCA peels can be done on the entire body and in fact the larger the area the more cost effective it becomes. The most popular parts treated with TCP peel include chest, legs, arms and back. Each area takes a varying length of time to heal.

How long before the results show?

The results from TCA peels are immediate. You will begin to see your skin change as soon as you have the peeling done. It will continue for the next 1 to 2 months. That is when you get the full extent of the TCA effects.


TCA peel aftercare

Your doctor is at the best position to give you directions on how to care for your TCA peel. Generally, mild cleanser like cetaphil is all that you need. It should be used every night before you go to bed. Your skin will be facing a drier spell after the peel so you have to increase your use of a moisturizer. Stay away from sun as your peel heals and you will be as new as a new born! Do not be planning for a vacation out in the sun for the next 4-8 weeks. And you will have your peel healing perfectly and giving you the best results you desired. That is all there is to give your TCA good after care.



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