Mama June’s Amazing Weight Loss Story 


June Shannon, also known as Mama June, underwent an amazing transformation. In a short period of time, about a year, she went from a size 28 to a size 4. We’re going to talk about how Mama June’s weight loss was made possible. When she talks about her amazing transformation, she emphasizes that not only did she change her diet, but incorporated regular exercise into her lifestyle as well. Even though she has achieved her weight loss goals, she’s careful not to slack on her diet and exercise routine; keeping up with her healthy lifestyle helps her to keep the weight off and maintain her figure. Discipline, determination, and a healthy lifestyle helped Mama June lose 300 pounds in total.  

 Mama June Weight Loss

In November 2015, after Mama June noticed she was having difficulty walking, she decided it was time for a change and made a resolution to lose weight. She started slowly by taking walks regularly with her kids, as they helped to motivate her. She sought professional assistance to help her reach her goal, as losing 300 pounds would be no small feat even with the assistance of a doctor, nutritionist, and personal trainer. By working with professionals, Mama June was able to learn about proper nutrition and exercise. They also helped hold her accountable for her choices and reminded her of how they affect her life and health.  


Mama June worked with personal trainer Natasha Fett, who helped her become physically fit. Even when Natasha was away from Mama June, she would communicate with her regularly. Natasha provided both emotional and moral support throughout Mama June’s weight loss journey, encouraging Mama June to make the right choices to achieve her goals.  


In March 2016, Mama June began fainting because of her restrictive diet. Consequently, her doctor recommended weight loss surgery to help speed the process. After the procedure, she lost about 90 pounds. However, this wasn’t enough; she hoped to lose at least another 80 pounds. She underwent a gastric sleeve surgery, which involves removing approximately 80% of the stomach, reducing its size so it can hold less food. This surgery is different from the obsolete gastric bypass surgery, in which the small intestine is affixed to the top of the stomach. 


Even after undergoing the stress of surgery, Mama June was still committed to sticking to her healthy lifestyle and achieving her weight loss goals. In order to allow her stomach to heal, she could eat only a liquid diet for several months. When she was able to eat normally again, she was expected to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly to avoid gaining back the weight she’d lost. In order to get rid of her double chin, she underwent cool sculpting, a non-invasive procedure in which fat cells are frozen to reduce their volume. 


In the past, Mama June’s favorite meal was spaghetti noodles topped with butter and ketchup. Although this meal used to be a regular for her and her daughters, they stopped eating it as it wasn’t at all healthy. Mama June’s daughters were supportive of her journey, cutting back on unhealthy foods with her and joining her weight loss journey. Together, the whole family began eating healthier, walking together, and losing weight. One of her daughters, Alana, managed to lose eight pounds in the first month.  


Other than following a strict diet and exercise routine, Mama June’s supportive family and the positive encouragement they provide helped her lose the weight and fight off the temptation to fall back into unhealthy habits. In summer 2016, Mama June met with the doctors on “Botched”, a TV show on E! Network. However, at this time she was still very overweight. After being examined by Dr. Dubrow and expressing her desire to speed up her weight loss process, he decided to help her reach her goals and suggested a skin removal procedure. After her surgeries and dramatic weight loss, Mama June’s skin began to sag. Although Mama June was feeling discouraged by the slow process of losing weight, she stuck to her goals thanks to her family and friends’ positive encouragement and her own discipline. Before agreeing to the procedure, Mama June was concerned about how much she was spending on surgeries. While she felt she could justify the others as they helped her lose weight, she felt somewhat guilty about skin removal, as it was simply cosmetic. However, she eventually agreed to undergo the procedure, as she felt it would help boost her confidence.  


Mama June received a lot of criticism for disguising her new body on her TV show, “Mama June: From Not to Hot”, by wearing prosthetics and a “fat suit” before her big reveal at the end of the series. In spite of this, she says it was all worth it. A million-mile journey begins with just one step, and this holds true for Mama June’s weight loss. Her amazing transformation shocked people around the world and never would have been possible without her dedication to change her life for the better. Her success story shows that however overweight you are and however unrealistic your dream body may seem, you can achieve your goals with hard work and determination.


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