The Newest Thing in Cosmetics is One Two Cosmetics’ Full Lashes


Are you addicted to magnetic lashes yet? With Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Teen Vogue singing the praises of magnetic lashes, you’ll find yourself addicted before long.  

Half-coverage magnetic lashes by One Two Cosmetics has been a godsend for thin-lashed, short-lashed, and stick-straight-lashed women everywhere. A simple application of the magnetic strips takes eyelashes from dull to downright daring.

And who among us hasn’t longed for a set or peepers outlined by thick, long, perfectly-curled lashes?

And if you’ve already addicted to magnetic lashes? Great news: One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes are hereThe company recently released a line of full-coverage magnetic lashes that will transform your entire lash line into a luxurious eye-framing fringe.  


Magnetic Lashes? Excuse Me? 

Okay — so if you haven’t jumped on the magnetic eyelash bandwagon yet, you may be a bit confused. After all — putting magnets on your eyelashes sounds… odd. Not to mention heavy! 

one two cosmetics full lashes

But here’s the deal: One Two Cosmetics uses micromagnets that are super lightweight. These micromagnets sit at the base of each lash strip. You use one strip on top of your lashes and another strip below your lashes. The top magnetic strip connects to the bottom magnetic strip, and your real lashes are sandwiched in between. Ingenious, right?  

The absolute best part? There’s no glue involved. At all. In other words — you can say goodbye to that messy, confusing, gooey application process.  

And One Two Cosmetics only uses high-quality, synthetic (no animals harmed here!) fibers that won’t damage your lashes. That means you can wear them every day without making your natural lashes pay the price.  


Taking Things to The Next Level: One Two Lash: Full Coverage 

One Two Cosmetics is intent on providing lashes that fit. And if you’ve ever spent time taking a scissors to traditional false lashes — only to find they still don’t fit right on your lash line — you know how crucial this is.  

Until now — One Two Cosmetics has only offered half-lash coverage. These half-lashes accent the outer corners of the eyes with length and volume. And they’re guaranteed to fit every eye shape. 

Of course, with One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes, fitting every eye shape presents a bit more of a challenge.

But with a bit of experimentation, retooling, and creativity — One Two Cosmetics has now formulated a one-of-a-kind adjustable design that will fit to the specific curves and contours of your lids — across your entire lash line.

Full-coverage magnetic lashes will add length, thickness, and curl from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer corners. The result? Bold, luscious lashes that frame the entire eye. 

Great! But Are Full-Coverage Lashes Harder To Apply? 

one two cosmetics full lashes

Not at all! Applying full-coverage lashes is very similar to applying half-coverage lashes. Here’s the difference: 

  • Half-coverage lashes use one upper strip and one lower strip — applied at the outer half of your lash line. 
  • Full-coverage lashes use one long upper strip that goes across your entire lash line and two smaller lower strips applied to the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Of course — you can apply these lashes with your own two hands. But here’s the thing — you don’t have to! 

Each case of full-coverage lashes comes with the newly-designed One Two Applicator. This handy little tool makes applying your stunning new lashes even easier by holding each lash strip and clamping them perfectly into place. 

Options, Options, Options 

Some days you just want to a little extra… something. And some days you won’t settle for anything less than Elizabeth Taylor-inspired. Not to worry. You don’t have to settle for one style. You can choose from one of four options to fit your mood and your look.

Original: An everyday option that gives your lash line a little extra heft and fills in any gaps.  

Enhanced: Longer, fuller lashes that still look natural. Plus a little curl helps eyes look wide-awake.  

Bold: Luxuriously long lashes that turn up the volume. Perfect for date nights and holiday parties. 

Extra Bold: With maximum length and volume, extra bold lashes will give you that show-stopping, come-hither look.  

A Lash Addiction That’s Easy on The Wallet 

one two cosmetics full lashes

Another bonus of magnetic eyelashes? You can use them again and again. That means no more high-priced lash extensions or shelling out for drug-store falsies every couple of weeks.  

And full-coverage magnetic lashes? They’re available now — for only $69/ case.  

Ready to be the belle of the ball at every party this holiday season? Order yourself a full-coverage set (or two or three or four — after all, who doesn’t like options?) and get ready to dazzle. 


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