Have you ever been to Northern California? If the answer is no, please make a point of visiting this great destination. You will have a lifetime experience when you tour the scenic north coast, L. Tahoe, the towering redwoods and San Francisco.  Here are the top ten destinations you can visit:


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Sparkling Bay, Magic City

The measurement of San Francisco is less than 130 square kilometers, but it is a one of the greatest cities worldwide. Famed by its classic cable cars, beautiful waterfront, soaring crimson bridge, dynamic diversity and grand-dame Victorians, City by the Bay is the right place to start your adventure. The ultimate experience will be guaranteed if you tour by public transportation means, bike or on foot. You should bike across the Golden Gate Bridge before exploring the lush presidio which is a park that was formerly a military base. The Golden Gate Park has numerous museums and tour the Stow Lake. The central valley will lead you to Sierra.

Yosemite National Park

The plunging waterfalls give it admirable beauty. The valley is best accessed via the Tunnel View on its southern side from Wawona. The park is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site since 1984. Most people love the Tuolumne and Yosemite Valley walls. It has waterfalls that are ranked among the world’s top 20 tallest falls. Hike to Nevada and Vernal Falls will be a good experience. The pristine meadow extends along River Tuolumne. You will also have a view of Unicorn and Cathedral peaks. Note that access is limited due to snowing. Please visit Mono Lake and follow Highway 120 to L. Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

The Majestic Peaks are a great scene. It has the High Sierra gem has pure air and various world-class alpine resorts. In summer, use kayaks, sailboats and stand-up paddleboards to maximize enjoyment. There are a number of Lakefront towns. The higher resorts are Northstar California, Squaw Valley and Alpine lie on the northern side. The southern side has Heavenly ski resort. Lower resorts are Donner Ski Ranch, Sierra at Tahoe, Homewood, Boreal, Soda Springs, Tahoe Donner and Sugar Bowl. Enjoy hiking, biking and gondola rides during the summer. You should head to Royal Gorge for a good feel of a groomed snowshoe and cross-country trails.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Earth boiling and steaming can be seen. This is possible via the boiling springs, steaming sulphur vents and splattering mud pods. The park has the predominant Lassen Peak. Your eyes will be fascinated by the lush forest. Spend time at the Kohm Ya-mah-nee Visitor. Kendall Vanhook Bumpass discovered this after burning his in 1860 leg but visitors are not in any danger. You will also view a panorama of peaks. A northward direction will lead you to the most beautiful sites in California in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park called Burney Falls.

Burney Falls

This is a booming cascade famously known as the eighth world wonder after President Teddy Roosevelt’s sentiments. It is 129-foot-tall and is 60 miles northeast of Redding. Please visit McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park. You will have to be silent or shout while talking. The water splashes down tossing shards and gushers of rainbow then plunging fast and hard a clear pool with air bubbles. The origin of the falls is a cliff top and also you will see gallons of snowmelt. On the northwest, you will be able to tour Mount Shasta which is part of California’s volcanic endowment.

Mount Shasta

The rare-round snowfields, New-Age-y vibe and wildflower meadows are part and parcel of Mount Shasta. The mountain is 4322 meters high thus can be seen from any place in the northern state. It is coned shaped and snowcapped thus seems unreal. It gives every climber something to remember. However, there are paths that will give you an easy time climbing. You can use the McCloud River mellow that leads to three waterfalls that are attractive although the best view is the Middle Falls. You can do camping and fly-fishing. In winter you can have some skiing at Mt. Shasta Ski Park on the western slope. The Redwood National Park should be your next stop.

Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park is a World Heritage Site that protects among the tallest tress in the world. It hosts a number of state and national parks. It is about 107 meters high. Stop at Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center for more information on the northern side of the park. There are also grassy prairies that will add value to your visit. Please have a chance to ride bikes with Redwood Adventures and camp if you can during summer. Please use the great beaches, sheltered bluffs and lush groves for good camping.


This is a combination of culture and nature. The visit should start the waterfront to get a good harbor view and you can tour Humboldt Bay. There is a small maritime museum that has been a long lasting attraction in Northern California. You will be able to visit Humboldt Bay Tourism Center if you want to sample wines, beers and local oysters but ask for tips about eateries and gift shops. If you continue along the wild coast southward, you will reach at the most romantic hamlets-Mendocino.


This is a village has both culture and art.

It is perched on an attractive a wave-carved headland with thick forests and a restless sea. Mendocino offers tranquility and has a good number of artists that has been the reason behind the many art outlets. Please walk along the bluffs as you enjoy natural setting. If you are an environmentalist and a thinker then this should be your desired destination. In case you need a really fresh catch, please book space early enough on local fishing charter.

Muir Woods National Monument

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, you will enter the lands of the giants.

This is tucked in the ocean-facing fold of the incredible Mount Tamalpais. Muir Woods National Monument reserves the old redwoods coast. This was originally established in 1908 as a national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt. The name is in remembrance of John Muir who was a naturalist.

Inclusion, the Ultimate Northern California Adventure will be complete if you visit these great sites. The utility of touring will be maximized by these natural and human made entities. Now you have enough reasons to experience the California magic.

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