The Weird Way You Could Be Losing Weight (but probably never heard of)


Weight loss is NOT an easy journey for anyone no matter what the number on the scale says. And while you may think that losing weight is a simple matter of calories consumed versus calories burned, the reality of how weight loss works is much more complex than that. It includes all types of things like a balanced diet rich in nutrients, regular exercise, a commitment to a healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep, and an overall outlook of self care. However, most people simply try to “white knuckle,” their way to weight loss success only suffering through meals they can’t stand eating, hunger pains, and workouts that make them miserable. That’s no way to lose weight! And it’s certainly not a healthy, lasting path to long-term weight loss.

The Secret to Successful Weight Loss

If you have ever struggled to burn calories, or lose fat in trouble areas like your belly, thighs, and buttocks you already know that just as fast as you burn it off, fat can quickly return. That’s why so many people today fail or quit at their weight loss diet; they simply don’t realize that it takes a commitment to a healthy lifestyle over time to keep the weight off. However, that isn’t always possible for everyone, as traveling, kids, and hectic work schedules can get in the way of maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

AMPK activation is your secret to successful weight loss! Also known as adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, AMPK is your “weight loss switch.” Once activated, this enzyme sends the signal to your body to stop storing fat, and start burning it for energy. You see when activated, AMPK stimulates metabolism deep within every cell of your body at the energy-producing center called the mitochondria. Here your body’s cells work hard to metabolize nutrients from the foods you eat and burn them for energy. Without each cell producing its optimal amount of ATP (intracellular energy from metabolism) you may store more nutrients as fat within every cell.

How AMPK-PK Supports Your Weight Loss Efforts

Active-PK is a unique AMPK activation formula designed with three ingredients clinically proven to support your weight loss and your overall health at the same time:

  1. Quercetin. Active-PK’s formula contains a unique dietary flavonoid antioxidant compound known as quercetin. This compound has been clinically shown to offer significant benefits to the ability of people who exercise so that they can workout for longer periods of time. One study concluded that quercetin supplementation was associated with increases in exercise endurance capacity, and even improvements in exercise performance.1
  1. Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Extract (actiponin). Within Active-PK there is another powerful fat burner that has been suggested in research as a potential anti-obesity agent. In one study, the plant-derived extract known as actiponin was associated significant fat loss. Results revealed that participants who took actiponin supplementation experienced loss in total abdominal fat, body weight, body fat mass, and percent body fat. Their BMI (Body Mass Index) numbers were also significantly reduced – all after just 12 weeks!2 The dosage used on the obese subjects in this study was 450 mg per day.
  2. Berberine. Fat oxidation is a process where lipids (fat molecules) are broken down into smaller parts including triglycerides and fatty acids, where they can then be burned for energy, or stored as fat. This process thus makes fat molecules easier to store within fat cells. However, Active-PK contains a powerful antioxidant compound known as berberine to help slow fat oxidation. Studies have shown that the benefits of berberine for fat loss include a positive influence on insulin sensitivity, and glucose tolerance. These effects are related to the ability of berberine to boost AMPK Activation.3

    Additionally, berberine has been reported to offer potent anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, and anti-proliferative actions to promote your overall health.

Other Health Benefits of AMPK Activation

Active-PK is a formula specifically designed to boost your overall health while also supporting your weight loss efforts, for lasting results. Made to stimulate intracellular metabolism by increasing ATP within the mitochondria of every cell, Active-PK may also offer these benefits to your overall health:

  • Master switch activation for fat loss
  • Increased fat burning ability
  • Optimized cellular energy
  • Revitalized mitochondria
  • Reduced effects of cellular aging

AMPK activation is one weird way to boost your weight loss results that you may have never heard of – until now! Active-PK’s formula contains a variety of natural ingredients specifically designed to stimulate your body’s intracellular metabolism, (ATP). No other formula on the market today does this with the power of plant-derived compounds clinically shown boost your overall health at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Long-term weight loss success is right at your fingertips now that you know this weight loss secret.

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