Trend for 2018: Short Sleeve Bathing Suits


Have you checked out Kristen Bell’s perfect cap-sleeve swimsuit? Short sleeves are looking like they’re definitely the new bikini trend for 2018. Well, Kristen Bell has already served us with one of the most inspirational short sleeve bathing suits I have ever seen, i.e., the perfect cap-sleeve bikini.


Charming as always, her short-sleeve bikini is an adorable, floral printed crop top-esque bikini that is super cute and attention grabbing without being over the top or outrageous. This bikini has an elegant and retro silhouette. Plus it also looks very comfortable! Another great quality? This short sleeve bathing suit is practical; it doesn’t look like it will fall off at any point if you decide to go swimming or play games like bocce ball in the sand.

Hopefully you haven’t already purchased all of your swimsuits for spring break and summer vacation–or if you have, you had the foresight to purchase a short sleeve swimsuit like Ms. Bell’s. If you haven’t started, remember that it’s never too early; summer may seem far but it’s just around the corner! This is the reason we are here to help you!

The good thing about today’s fashion industry is that you can easily find what you’re searching for. This is because the industry is continuously growing, making it to become more and more inclusive. Hence, it offers a wide variety of options for every body type and style.

This means that everyone is sorted in the fashion industry. Whether you prefer a classic and teeny tiny string bathing suit, a two-piece, a one piece, a retro style bikini that has more coverage or any other of the many inspirational or plus size short sleeve bathing suits, you’ll always get covered by the several options available.

You need to start preparing yourself mentally for the many hot beach days because before you know it, summer will be here. There is no better way to prepare yourself and get ready for summer than some delightful short sleeve bathing suits shopping.

In case you’re passionately looking for the high-waisted, cap-sleeved style bikini, then you’re lucky. In addition to finding Kristen Bell’s new and perfect cap-sleeve swimsuit for your purchase, we’ve found some alternatives in case you need to jazz it up a bit to make it look similar to your own aesthetic. Everyone is certainly taken care of for this summer!

If you are amazed by Kristen Bell’s adorable and flirty bathing suit, here are other options to choose from. Read on to find out more.

1. Montce Swim Saffron Floral Cabana Suit.

Imagine seeing yourself swimming about any very lavish resort in this Cabana Suit. It will be an awesome experience.

You can easily buy this bathing suit here at only $198 for the top and only $114 for the bottom. Without a doubt, the suit is worth the cost!

2. Target Women’s Slim Floral Crop Bikini

This bathing suit channels Kristen Bell’s suit with a feminine flair of its own. We’ve been getting serious and sober ballet vibes about this floral crop bathing suit. Get the top here at only $39.99 and its corresponding bottom at $39.99.

3. Forever 21 Motel Stripe Tie Bikini

Have you tried out this bathing suit? Although it has the same silhouette, its patterns change the vibe in a great way altogether. This striped bathing suit is already giving us several French sailor vibes in a good way.

Snag the front bikini top at only $38 and a matching bottom suit for $35.

4. Ella Moss Sheer Dot and Cap-Sleeve Bikini

This sheer dot short-sleeve bathing suit is insanely flattering in the way it looks. We know it’s ever flattering, don’t you think? If you like it, head on straight to Bloomingdales and buy this beautiful black and dotted bikini.

Snag the bikini top at only $68 and the corresponding bottom suit at only $62.

5. Athleta Wave Break Tie

The Athleta bathing suit is a gorgeous and elegant one-piece bikini that gets really tight when worn and can’t be chicer. This bikini will take your summer look and experience to a new level.

Snag this one-piece bikini at only $108.


If you love things that are trending this 2018, try stocking up your summer essential with this short sleeve bathing suits. They won’t disappoint you. If Kristen Bell is rocking these bikinis, and she looks adorable, what are you waiting for?

Prepare for the summer early to avoid the last minute rush which may not allow you to remember every essential thing you may need. Hurry! Get your shopping done today!


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