Why Spices May Be the Key to Burning Fat


For all the amazing advances in health and medicine we’ve made over the past couple of centuries, it’s interesting that some discoveries have actually been right in front of us for hundreds of years – in the hands of ancient cultures.

Ayurvedic medicine is a perfect example. With a history in India that goes back as far as the 6th Century BC, Ayurveda has been using key herbs and spices for medical uses, including weight loss, for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

Finally, the scientific world is catching up and starting to believe in the fat-burning power of spices too as clinical studies begin to show that herbs and spices may indeed have very helpful effects on weight loss.

That’s not only exciting news, but burning calories just got a whole lot more flavorful.

What we know about fat-burning spices

Some of the key fat-burning spices that have come to light include cumin, ginseng, capsaicin, turmeric, curry leaf and moringa leaf. Let’s take a look at each of them:

  • Cumin has proved itself to have beneficial effects on insulin metabolism, Body Mass Index (BMI), and weight loss. One particular study showed that cumin had the same effect as orlistat, a medication for obesity that inhibits the absorption of dietary fats.[1]
  • Ginseng is a great energy booster for fighting fatigue and for stabilizing blood sugar. A study of 50 Korean women taking Korean red ginseng saw a significant reduction in body weight, BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, and food intake compared to the placebo group.[2]
  • Capsaicin is the ‘heat’ in chili peppers. It’s also a strong stimulant that can raise body temperature and, in turn, affect metabolism. A study out of Canada found that capsaicin may work as an effective appetite suppressant.[3]
  • Turmeric contains a magical little chemical called curcumin which has been shown to induce weight loss. One study of 44 people over 30 days showed that curcumin increased weight loss, reduced body fat, and enhanced the BMI of the subjects.[4]
  • Curry leaves can help reduce bad cholesterol levels.[5] It’s also long been praised in Ayurveda for increasing “good” cholesterol (HDL).
  • Moringa leaf has been shown to hold therapeutic potential for chronic high blood sugar, fats, and lipids.[6] It’s also thought to curb food cravings and fat absorption because it’s high in fiber.

But what to do with this incredible information? Does one just go out and buy these spices and sprinkle them across their food? Thankfully, things just got a whole lot easier. Four of these potent spices are included in a new weight loss supplement by physician nutrition specialist, and author, Dr. Melina Jampolis. Dr. Melina has just launched a new program called SpiceFit which is based entirely on harnessing the amazing medicinal power of herbs and spices.

SpiceFit’s ThermaSpice

It’s one thing to know exactly what spices can benefit us but it’s quite another to try to factor them into your daily lifestyle. Dr. Melina’s SpiceFit program easily solves this problem by delivering a powerful, twice- daily dose in the form of a supplement called ThermaSpice.

SpiceFit believes that natural ingredients can play a valuable part in helping you to reach your health and weightloss goals. By using innovative supplements like ThermaSpice, you can easily obtain the correct concentration and dosage of some of the most potent herbs and spices on earth.

ThermaSpice’s secret lies in the combination of its award-winning Slimvance compound (which contains moringa leaf extract, curcumin, and curry leaf) and Capsimax which brings all the benefits of capsaicin – without the heat.

A recent study of Slimvance found that it was 6 times more effective for weight loss than diet and exercise alone and 4 times more effective for reducing waist circumference. While Dr. Melina has been especially wowed by capsaicin over the years, after first prescribing it to a patient who was experiencing great weight loss difficulties. The patient lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks after a month of losing nothing with diet and exercise alone. They went on to lose an another 11 pounds and reached their ideal weight, all with the assistance of capsaicin.

The missing key to weight loss success

We’ve long been told that diet and exercise are the only sure ways to lose weight. But for many, it’s still not so simple. Spices could be the missing “boost” that so many are searching for, and there’s plenty of scientific evidence that seems to think so too.

SpiceFit is able to provide that missing link in an easy to take, twice-daily capsule that you can add to your current diet and exercise program. By integrating SpiceFit with your regular program you may even see a difference in as little as two weeks. [7]

In the words of the great father of medicine, Hippocrates: Foolish the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients. There is certainly some truth to be found in that.

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